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New Pacific Plans owner gets federation board seat <1/28/09>

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Pacific Plans gets new lease on life <01/22/09>

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‘Win-win’ plan for pre-need industry <01/15/09>

SEC set to ease rules covering pre-need companies <01/15/09>

Pass pre-need code now, Congress urged <01/04/09>

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RCBC’s ‘lack of prudence’ <06/28/07>

Central bank scores RCBC for ‘lack of prudence’ <06/13/07>

Abalos brother leads group of tricycle drivers – Planholders disqualified <03/27/07>

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Ex-lawmaker pledges P50M more to plan holders <11/13/06>

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May pilantropo at pasaway sa NPO <06/01/06>

Anti-Yuchengco group posts bail, eludes arrest <05/19/06>

Holders of preneed plans merge their legal teams <04/28/06>

Shattered Dreams in the Philippines <03/03/06>

Dreams Down the Drain <12/06/05>

Makati court approves petition for rehabilitation of Pacific Plans <12/02/05>

Tuition Hikes Disastrous to College Assurance Firms <05/12/05>

Pacific Plans to release money only until May 7 <04/19/05>

CAP faces Senate gauntlet; closure still possible <02/08/05>

Online articles without published dates indicated

PEP Coalition gets COMELEC accreditation as party-list group

SEC: 100,000 preneed plan holders might stop schooling




    Comment by CAROL | October 1, 2008

  2. How come this website does not have up to date News and Press Reports?

    Friday, December 19, 2008


    “Legacy files petition for dissolution”

    By Likha Cuevas-Miel, Reporter

    After shutting down its operations and offices unannounced, Legacy Consolidated Plans Inc. filed a petition for voluntary dissolution with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) late Thursday.

    The petitioner, a member of the Legacy Group that is linked to banks that were recently placed under receivership, filed 10 separate petitions for voluntary dissolution where creditors are affected for each of the companies that were deemed insolvent.

    According to Gerard Lukban, SEC secretary, filing for dissolution could be equated to filing for bankruptcy. This meant that the assets of the company were less than their liabilities or the assets are not sufficient to service planholders.

    The other companies that filed for dissolution were Legacy Card Inc., One Realty Corp., Galaxy Realty and Holdings Inc., Legacy Consolidated Asset Holdings Inc., Fusion Capital Corp., Conventional Realty Corp., Shining Armour Property Inc., Legacy Motors Inc. and Scholarship Plan Phils. Inc.

    “PEP hits regulator”

    ‘Meanwhile, Victoria Gomez, the media-relations person of the PEP Coalition, told The Times that they have been warning the regulators about Legacy since 2006.

    “We have given ample warnings to the SEC regarding Legacy, aside from Pacific Plans, Platinum, The Professional Group [TPG] and College Assurance Plan [CAP],” she said.

    Gomez added that there were already Legacy planholders who asked for help about their problems, such as difficulty in claiming benefits. She said that these planholders have been told by Legacy Consolidated to come back some other time or that the benefits would be paid in installments.

    “That was already a warning sign,” Gomez said.

    But the group could not intercede in behalf of these planholders because they did not have sufficient evidence that something was amiss with the company and “no one was yet claiming that they were not being paid.”

    “What was SEC doing? Weren’t CAP and Pacific Plans enough for them to start sniffing around and investigate companies like Legacy?” Gomez asked.

    Planholders’ unity

    Imelda Huala, a Legacy Consolidated planholder from Pilar, Bataan, told The Times over the phone that she would welcome the liquidation of her first child’s Optimax Plus education plan. Her child is already 10 years old.

    “Even if they could only give us back the premiums that my husband paid, that would be enough as long as we can get something out of it. I don’t have anything left. My husband died of colon cancer and the livelihood that he left me with was taken away from me. I don’t know where we can get the money for my eldest child’s college education. All I can do is fight for it,” she said, crying.

    Gomez of PEP Coalition said that the Legacy planholders should get together and form a group to gather all the pertinent documents, cases and other information needed to lodge a case against the management of the preneed firm.

    “When they get the people—50 would be enough—we will help them, coordinate with them. It is hard when they come to us individually because how can we help them when we do not know Legacy?” she added.

    Gomez said the planholders should be proactive to fight for what is due them”.

    Comment by David Whittall | December 30, 2008

  3. my husband and i have contributed so much to the cause in our own way. our daughter is graduating next year. yet, nothing has happened so far. what is the real score? this is becoming too frustrating already. the coalition was of no help at all!!!

    Comment by Ines Fergama | February 1, 2009

  4. I just had to respond to Ms. Ines.

    We are all parents experiencing the same difficulties. The Coalition core members are parents too. The coalition is NOT an organization with corporate hierarchies. Everyone here is a volunteer, doing things in our spare time when we are not out looking for a decent living. None of us really know how to battle it out in courts. We all had to learn these the hard way.

    Unless you live outside the Philippines, you must know by now that no big fish has gone to jail and the few who did are now out. You must also know that justice grinds ever so slowly here unless you have money. All of us are not big fish; we definitely don’t have any money and whatever we had went to PPI and is stuck there.

    So even if you did contribute to the cause (and I admire you and your husband for supporting), it is totally unfair to blame the non-prospering of our cause to the coalition.

    They did not fail in organizing rallies (how many planholders came?); they attended all the Senate and Congress hearings (how many attended?) even if these fell to the wayside because the politicos turned indifferent after a while; they put forth all possible motions and counter motions in the courts (and even the lawyers spent sleepless nights preparing the tons of documentation while we all had our good 8 hours sleep); they were able to secure a P50-M scholarship fund from Mr. Jimenez (this gave an extra year of schooling for the most needy planholders and this would not have materialized if there was no coalition in the first place), and most of all, they were the ones who had to face 13 counts of libel EACH (do we really understand what it means to have a potential criminal sentence facing us?).

    Yes, we all contributed. I contributed too. But my contribution has not come close to what the officers of the coalition had to go through, personally and financially — all these years since 2005. And they still continue to do so up to this day.

    In this kind of battle there are no guarantees. No one can assure us that we will eventually get what is due us. But we vowed before our victim-children that we will not go down without a decent fight that we can be proud of. If our courts are truly courts of JUSTICE, we will win because everything right is on our side.

    Instead of us venting our frustrations on the coalition, I think it is better if we all banded together for a unified stand vs those who actually failed us — Pacific Plans.

    Comment by pep supporter | February 1, 2009

  5. Dear Ms. Fergama,

    How can you say that the coalition was not effective? Would this pre-need fraudulent acts be exposed to media if not for the coalition. You say that you and your husband have contributed much to the cause? I’ve been active in this coalition but I don’t think I’ve even met you. Have you been attending rallies, meeting or presscons? I guess not – that’s why you’re not aware of what the coalition, especially its officers, has been doing so far and what it has achieved.

    Comment by Pep | February 1, 2009

  6. I’d also like to add – if not for the coalition (its officers, active members and legal counsel), our case would not have been brought to the Court of Appeals and now with the Supreme Court. It only shows that the coalition’s fight is not over.

    Ms. Fergama, do you still think that the coalition was of no help at all??? I think you owe the coalition an apology!!!

    Comment by Pep | February 1, 2009

  7. Why are you ganging up on Ms. Fergama? You may be officers and high-profile members but do you have the monopoly of ideas around here? We have every right to say our piece, unless you are hiding something from the rest of the membership.

    Comment by Erlinda de los Reyes | February 2, 2009

  8. Hello Erlinda.

    I guess the issue is highly charged and very emotional for many of us.

    Speaking for myself, I just wanted to give Ms Fergama the view from the other side of the fence — what the core members have been undergoing since this was formed. Maybe not all planholders are aware of this.

    The coalition is composed of parents who want to do something and not just accept the rehab. We are all suffering parents. For me, it’s good that the core members are still willing to continue the fight. But they can only continue if we parents continue to want to fight for our contractual obligations to be honored.

    The core members have no obligation to continue this fight. We are not paying them to do this. Whatever they are doing now they do out of a desire to get Pacific Plans to simply honor the contracts.

    Let’s continue to speak our minds and hearts. But I ask that we do it with a clear view of who is friend and who is foe. Good day to all! Let’s continue this fight and pray for guidance.

    Comment by pep supporter | February 2, 2009

  9. I agree. We should work together on this. I’m only concerned that using indiscriminate and destructive strategies may backfire on us. That’s why we are not getting sympathetic feedback.

    On another point, if the coalition receives donations and contributions, can some of these be given as tuition support to the planholders who can’t send their kids to school anymore? We have to ask Mark Jimenez and maybe even Ramon Ang of SMC to help.

    I mean, I hold 5 plans and have 6 kids. 1 has finished college in St. Paul’s. To many, nothing seems to be happening to the coalition’s efforts except for lots of noise. Honestly, I’m even thinking of making my own deal with PPI. They’re offering to buy back the plans. I know some friends who did this and got paid already.

    Comment by Erlinda de los Reyes | February 2, 2009

  10. I agree with pep supporter. For those who have been actively fighting for the cause (joining rallies, press cons, Senate and Congress hearing), this matter could become highly emotional. Especially to the coalition officers who have spent a lot of their personal time fighting against a giant, and even being charged with 13 counts of libel. I don’t think they are doing this just for themselves but for all the planholders.

    Comment by Anonymous | February 2, 2009

  11. My wife and 3 kids joined the coalition since 2005, gave money and marched in all rallies. In my opinion, walang nangyari. We need more effective lawyers even if we have to pay more.

    We can’t use up all our funds for cases. They were also used for the campaign to run for congress, remember? Maybe we should have spent more for that to succeed.

    And weren’t the funds supposed to have been used for tuition support for our kids instead?! Or did that come from Yuchengco?

    Just thinking out loud.

    Comment by Bingo Madamba | February 2, 2009

  12. My wife and I have two educational plans and would like to join this group. We also wan to know how we can send our monthly contribution to the efforts of the coalition. How do we go about this? Do you accept checks? To whom may we make it payable? Thanks for all your efforts.

    Comment by Cyrus Decano | February 2, 2009

  13. register at no2pep2010 yahoo group for more info

    thanks for your support

    Comment by pep egroup moderator | February 2, 2009

  14. to erlinda de los reyes who says :
    ” Honestly, I’m even thinking of making my own deal with PPI. They’re offering to buy back the plans. I know some friends who did this and got paid already.”

    it is always good to do what is to your best interest and no one is stopping anyone from doing this including accepting what ppi is offering.

    as for me, this fight is not for financial reasons – i already used my most of my plans – but for the filipino youth that they will have a better future. i can just imagine what our country will be if these youth who were supposed to study in the best school planned by their parents cannot study there now because of the preneed fiasco.

    Comment by pep egroup moderator | February 2, 2009

  15. Thank you for the details. Again, my wife and I appreciate all your efforts.

    Comment by Cyrus Decano | February 2, 2009

  16. Last February 2 (evening), I posted this message in the pep egroup:

    “My friend told me that Gina Gomez has a total of 9 plans. She paid daw PPI a total of P397,800 pero ang availment nya is P1,201,171 already. Is there any truth to this? I would just like a clarification.

    Kung totoo, kaya pala nababankrupt ang trust assets natin. Kung ganun, swerte naman ni Gina. Laki na ng tubo. Pero papaano na kami na di pa nag aavail, eh mauubos ng mga tulad nya ang trust assets.”

    That very same evening, Gina Gomez replied to my posting in a defensive tone. Here is what she said to my post:

    “Ines (i don’t know you though), but your friend must be another of the demolition team tasked to discredit the coalition, most especially the active members. And for your info and your friend’s info, WE DON’T CARE. Sanay na kami diyan and we know who you all are. One thing I am proud to say is that we are fighting for our children’s rights to a good education which the plans we all bought (in my case 1988 and 1990) promised “no matter what the cost” and our moral convictions. What are your friend and you fighting for? Money?

    If the figures you quoted are correct, I’m glad you brought that up cause now I know how expensive it would have been for me to send my kids to school (elementary and high school) and good schools at that if it weren’t for the educational plan I bought from a company I thought had a good reputation as the name of the owner was at that time very credible and trustworthy. We all know, including you and your friend who is an agent/officer of PPI. that was one of the marketing come-ons that enticed parents like me to put our hard earned money into Pacific Plans and the fact that they promised to pay the tuition no matter what the cost as they were riding on the deregulation of the tuition fees when the Education Act was promulgated in 1982. So if you want to make it seem that I “earned” a lot and what about the others, I think you better analyze your statements cuz you up to this day you do not seem to understand the principle of the open ended edu plans and why we parents bought it. We did not buy it to make money, but to make sure our children can go to the best schools to attain the best possible education and one day we a good citizen and contribute to the improvement of this country unlike some who only think of corruption and self serving methods. I do hope your conscience and that of your friend, if you still have any, will realize the plight of the parents instead of doing your demolition job. Anyway, good luck to you and your friend. The coalition will go on fighting for the rights of their children.

    God bless you and your family.”

    I was surprised by her message. Gusto ko lang ng clarification pero mukhang iba ang dating kay Gina. I would only be natural for me to respond. Kaya gumawa agad ako ng response. Pero, after sending my response, I was shocked to discover na hindi mapost ang response ko dahil bigla nalang nila akong tinanggal sa egroup!!! Other pep members fired their attacks against me pero wala akong magawa. Helpless ako! Ganun ba ang attitude ng high-profile pep members towards fellow members na humihingi lang naman ng clarification o nag-eexpress ng different opinion?

    For the information of everyone, since wala na ako sa egroup, ito dapat ang sasabihin ko sa aking reply post:

    “I apologize if my message came across the wrong way. I am just concerned kung ma-aavail ko pa yung pinaghirapan kong plans for my kids. My husband and I sacrificed a lot working abroad for our plans and up to now we have not gotten anything!

    A friend of mine who used to work for PPI gave me the info and I was intrigued by the level of detail. To the last peso! Inisip ko na i-inform yung group about the info circulating around.

    Again, clarification lang ang habol ko. Gusto ko lang malaman kung totoo nga yung nakuha kong information. Mas maganda nang mapagusapan dito kaysa magulat nalang tayo dahil kumalat na pati sa media. Kung lumabas man, at least alam na natin kung paano ihandle, especially for you, Gina. I hope you took it in that light before going off the way you did.

    Frustrated na talaga ako sa mga nangyayari lalo na sa delay ng claims namin pero alam ko parin na kailangan nating lumaban ng samasama. Ayoko lang ng tayo tayo nalang nga, maglalamangan pa. Lalo na ngayon na mukhang tataas nanaman ang tuition fees by next school year. Wala na yata itong katapusan.”

    Comment by Ines Fergama | February 4, 2009

  17. Ines, I think the issue here is whether PPI paid out what was due to any planholder.

    Remember, our trad plans promised to pay us WHATEVER THE COST OF TUITION. This was the selling point of Pacific Plans. Many average families bought this so they could send their kids to much better schools kasi sagot naman ang tuition. If you had an Exclusive 1 educational plan, di ba you will enroll your kids in the highest paying school kasi isasagot naman ng PPI ang tuition as they advertised?

    So if Gina or any other planholder had kids ending up in schools with very high tuition fees, we cannot fault them for that. Many planholders did the same. And if that was the cost of her tuition, I am sure Pacific Plans DID NOT PAY HER OR ANY PLANHOLDER A CENTAVO MORE THAN WHAT WAS DUE HER.

    The trust funds were not “used up” as we are being made to think. These were not managed well. These were diverted. See what happened to the remaining funds — tied up in zero-coupon NAPOCOR bonds! Zero coupon means NO INTEREST, NO MONEY till it matures 2010. How can you make the funds illiquid when you know you have to pay tuition yearly.

    Next, why NAPOCOR? Sa dinami daming klase ng investments, dito pa nilagay. I would think twice before investing in NAPOCOR. Would you?

    Third, almost all the money was put in these bonds. This alone was a violation of the requirement that any investments should be SPREAD OUT. Eto, all eggs in one basket. Prudent fund management ba yan?

    So I think we are not moving in the right direction if we all try to find out what you or I or Gina or any other planholder actually got. Computed lahat yan to the last centavo ng PPI. Walang overpayment. Kung tutuusin, UNDERPAYMENT nga ang nangyari since this rehab thing eh because they just gave us tuition support instead of the actual tuition cost as promised. Sila ang nagkulang in managing our money.

    Comment by pep supporter | February 4, 2009

  18. ines : if you have a friend at PPI who can give you such detailed info to the last peso as you say, fantastic ! can you ask your friend at PPI to also give us info and documents the PEP coalition can use ? can your friend also show us documents to show how much commission the sales agents of PPI made by selling and re-selling the plans which were condoned by pacific all the way to the top. we have friends in PPI who are sympathetic with the pepcoalition and helped us in many small and big ways. maybe you can help as well ?

    and if you have any doubts on the sincerity of the coalition, you have questions about the finances and motives of the coalition – why dont you get actively involved so you will get your answers.

    and if you feel it is good to discuss issues like what gina got already – may i ask then what kind of plans do you have, how many, what school ? how much was your investment ? are you also an agent of pacific ? did you make money re-selling plans ? pls tell us more about yourself instead. gina does not need your protection. neither does she need you to expose anything to us about her – let the media do it – unless your friend at PPI is leaking it to the media as well

    too bad you were removed from the egroup. if you had been in the egroup from the start and read all the rules and conditions you will understand why only qualified members are allowed into the group and non-qualified registered members can be removed.

    but i like to continue to give you benefit of doubt that you are a legit planholder aggrieved with what is happening, frustrated at the slow pace of what the coalition is doing. but i can sense you have a strong character and feisty spirit in what you are fighting for. good – the coalition needs people like you and hope you will find time to contribute actively to the coalition

    Comment by pep egroup moderator | February 5, 2009

  19. Ines, I would love to meet you in person, if you have the guts to do so. And if you’re worried for me, what media will say, then you’re too late. The medis knew about what plans I have, how much I paid for them and how much I have availed cause I told them myself several times in the past whenever I would be intervied by tri-media. For your info in case you were not aware, I handle the media for the the coalition and they know my life story. So what’s the big deal?

    Anyway, if you are a legit planholder, then come join the coalition and show us what you can offer us in terms of solving this problem instead of whining under the guise of being concerned for me. As one planholder said, I don’t need you to protect me.

    Comment by gina gomez | February 6, 2009

  20. ouch ! keep cool gina…..and stay happy all the time !

    Comment by pep egroup moderator | February 6, 2009

  21. hehehe !!! You know me, my dear moderator, I won’t take any BS from anyone. If they have something to say, say it straight to my face if they are brave enough to do so instead of using this medium to attack then apologize for what they say excusing that they only wanted clarification after insulting and blaming one for the situation of Pacific Plans when we all know, including that person, how and why it happened. Right?

    Comment by gina gomez | February 6, 2009

  22. Of course my dear moderator, I’m always happy. Isn’t it. Have you even seen me not happy? I don’t want to have wrinkles, hahaha !!!!!!!

    Comment by gina gomez | February 6, 2009

  23. after all this over and when (not if) we win your first treatment at marie france is on me, i mean, my friend. hehe

    Comment by pep egroup moderator | February 6, 2009

  24. I want that down in writing and duly notarized my dear moderator. Anyway it won’t cost our friend too much since there not much to shed, just tone and firm what my gym workout can’t do. Hahahaha !!! I’m glad I didn’t see any of the Yuchengks today or should I say, they’re lucky they didn’t cross my path today….

    Comment by gina gomez | February 7, 2009

  25. TO : PEP COALITION OFFICERS, be strong you gave us hope, keep up, you are doing the right thing, parang walang nayayari ang ginagawa ninyo sa mga tao na mga gago!!! SALAMAT sa inyo, kahit hindi na namin makuha ang pera, malaman lang nila na magbantay tayo at tuloy ang laban hanggang sa katapusan.

    Comment by Rey B. Talja | February 11, 2009

  26. I would like to personally thank Victoria (Gina) Gomez, and Winnie Bonifacio, for helping Philip Piccio get in touch with us, visit CEBU, and give useful valuable information on how to organize ourselves.

    Here in Cebu, there are several ‘Groups’ organized by different Division Heads. Since these people were reporting though ‘Fred Novo’ to Celso, I am suspicious of their ‘motives’ and ‘direction’.

    One such Group ‘Bergantine Division’ has about 400 PNBB2 ‘investors’ signed up to an SEc registered group and collected Php500 from each Member.

    This Group is ‘Pro Celso’, thinking if they do not press charges, but merely Register with the SEC, then Celso will pay them with money in the Trust Fund.

    If Celso really wanted to pay us, then what happened to those ‘Replacement Checks’ with 3%pm enhancement as compensation for delay?

    What happened to his ‘offer’ to CONvert PDC’s into CTD’s? Sure The Legacy Office accepted some 11 x PDc’s from us, dated October 31st to December 31st, totaling Php487,500 and we added Php12,500 cash, paid directly to the MetroBank Account of Rural Bank of Polangui. The Bank subsequently deposited i) 10%pa Interest in Advance for the 90 Day CTD, ie Php5K x 2 Nett Interest for the 2 x Php250K CTD’s they issued to me and my wife., ii) Php25K x 2 being the cash alternative to ‘iPhone’ under this ‘Promo’ offer.

    Now the Maturity D?ate of 22nd January 2009 was reached, Rural Bank of Polangui, is saying we have to make personal visit to the Bank, with the CTD’s, and they will pay us just Php12,500 ie the CASH we paid ONLY. They ‘claim’ they never received the Php487,500 payment from Legacy Group!

    So if they never received payment why did they issue the CTD’s, why did they pay the Interest in Advance, and why the ‘iPhone’ cash alternative from the ‘Promo’.

    The Bank was refusing to even hand over these 11 x PDC’s they were ‘claiming’ they had been given, not cash. Well if that were the case how come they did not inform us, the A/C Payee, that such Check had ‘Bounced’ when presented, so we could address it with Legacy Card Inc and Carole Hinola?

    Had they returned such bounced Checks to us we could iussue a ‘Demand Letter’ to Legacy card ?Inc asking for settlem,ent offer of we reserve the right to pursue a claim via legal means (ie BP 22 in the Courts).

    I have submitted a complaint to BSP Special Investigations unit, concerning Rural Bank of Polangui.

    Philip Piccio was in CEBU this week.

    We had much better turn out for a /meeting of Legacy PNBB2 investors than the previous week.

    Philip explained it was just the same when PEP Coalition started. He said that with the help and guidance of PEP Coalition, the next Meeting will need a much bigger venue, as there will be even more but those who do want to FIGHT to get RESULTS, must RECRUIT more to the CAMPAIGN for ACTION.

    ABS CBN provided coverage on TV Patrol yesterday.

    CEBU Daily NEWS also covered the Legacy PNBB2 investors.

    “Plan holders urged: Form group, recruit”
    By Cris Evert Lato
    Cebu Daily News
    First Posted 11:44:00 02/20/2009

    Form a group and increase your number to create more impact.

    This is the advice of lawyer Philip Piccio, president of the Parents Enabling Parents (PEP) Coalition, to more than 30 Cebu-based Legacy plan holders.

    Piccio met with the plan holders from Cebu yesterday at a restaurant along General Maxilom Avenue to seek ways to recover their investments placed in the pre-need firm, Legacy Consolidated Plans Inc. (LCPI).

    He was also asked to help them organized the Cebu Group.

    The Legacy plan holders in Cebu is headed by Arlene Diaz, a medical doctor.

    She said more than 1,000 plan holders in Cebu were victimized by Legacy president, Celso de los Angeles.

    “We told other plan holders through text message to come and join us. We told them to also tell people they know to join but we do not force them to join,” she added.

    Piccio told the plan holders to organize and increase their numbers to create more impact in raising the case against Legacy.

    “If there’s a lot of you crying out, you will have more impact. This government would know that something has to be done. That’s the way to fight,” said Piccio, who formed Pep Coalition in 2005 when Pacific Plans Inc. declared they could no longer pay the tuition of their children.

    “Stop being sorry about yourselves. Stop analyzing because we know what happened. Start organizing, recruiting and creating committees instead,” he said.

    Diaz, however, said the plan holders are legal moves against Legacy with the help of her son, lawyer Zigfred Diaz and lawyer Andrew Dadula.

    Diaz said local division heads of Legacy tried to convince plan holders to reach an amicable settlement.

    Plan holders like Diaz, however, do not want to sign documents without holding De los Angeles responsible for his “evil actions.”

    “I cannot bear to see justice being suppressed and have them fool the Cebuanos and get away with it. They’re bad examples to the youth. Tyrants flourish when good people keep silent. We will not keep silent,” she said.

    Piccio told plan holders yesterday several cases of syndicated estafa should be filed against Legacy in the different cities in Cebu.

    “File separate cases in Cebu (city), Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu, Talisay. That way, you will have several cases against them and do let us know who are the fiscals so we will know whom De los Angeles will try to bribe.”

    “It takes only one fiscal to file it before the court and if the court sees probable cause, it will issue warrant of arrest, and syndicated estafa is a non-bailable offense,” he added.

    Meeting being shown on ABS CBN TV on Friday 20th Feb 2009

    I really dont know why so many are quick to complain about losing money they put into such PNBB2, yet nowhere to be seen at a meeting, giving good advice from Philip Piccio,of PEP Coalition on how best to have a ‘fighting chance of getting your Nett Investment back, and Jail Celso G De los Angeles Jr. hopefully!

    ALL on the Legacy Claimants (VISAYAS) Wiki Group had one weeks NOTICE of Philip Piccio coming back to Cebu this week for another meeting.

    They all received an e-mail giving the venue and time the day before.

    Myself and Gerry Greenman were the only foreigners there it seems!

    Thanks Philip, for giving up your time and making the effort to help us.

    We will work hard to get more PNBB2 investors Joining and taking ACTION.

    Comment by David Whittall | February 21, 2009

  27. dear pep,

    we are planholders of the vanished platinum plans. can we join your group fighting the same cause? do you know of any platinum planholder’s contact numbers?

    we do not know how to begin and where to begin.need your help.
    thank you

    alice salcedo

    Comment by alice salcedo | March 1, 2009

  28. kami po ay planholder ng SPPI(legacy group) ano na po ang status dito? malapit napo magkacollege ang anak ko. sana po matulungan nyo ako

    gil dare

    Comment by gil dare | November 6, 2009

  29. Hindi ko pa nakukuha ang payment ng PEP sa 3 educational plan na hindi nagamit ng aking mga anak. Help us please.

    Ms. Rosita C. Oliveros

    Comment by ROSITA C. OLIVEROS | October 28, 2011

  30. I have insured my child in “MY SECURED LIFE” under great pacific life assurance corporation a YGC holdings
    As i read through , it leaves me a lot of apprehension…
    Is there anyone out there of this kind of PLAN

    Comment by shirley Violenta..of UAE | November 19, 2011

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