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PEP Coalition sends a follow-up letter to SEC

In our post last Feb. 27, 2009, we informed you that the PEP Coalition has moved to rescind the sale of Pacific Plans Inc. to the Onate Group because it is becoming more and more apparent that this move was simply an exit plan by the Yuchengcos. 

We sent a follow up letter to SEC Chairperson Barin requesting for an active stance on our case similar to what they are providing Legacy.  We have also requested from Sen. Roxas a Senate Hearing on the trustee banks of the preneed companies together with BSP and SEC after the Holy Week and Senate recess.  This should provide the venue to look into the violations of the trustee banks in the management of the trusts funds of the preneed planholders and the negligence of  BSP and SEC in exercising their regulatory and supervisory mandate.   

Below is the letter sent by the PEP Coalition.



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  1. i just learned from your article, that traditional planholders received a letter from pacific plans…in my case, i have not received any such letter…what happens to our may 2010 claim? thank you…btw, is pepcoalition running for partylist?

    Comment by antonio | April 5, 2010

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