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Pathetic plans

Written by Reflections from the Mirror / Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez
(only excerpt taken)
SUNDAY, 08 FEBRUARY 2009 21:09

The time has come for all government agencies which have to do with the operations of preneed companies to get their act together and come up with workable solutions to enable the government to assist the victims of failed preneed companies with satisfactory results.

I received information from a former employee of a preneed company called Platinum Plans saying that this company is owned by only one family, the Ernesto Salas family, and therefore, it would be easy to pierce the veil of corporate fiction. Thousands of low-income plan holders are now left out in the cold because the owners are dissipating their assets as fast, or even faster, than their scheme to milk their victims, again.

This former employee, who claims to be also a victim, is saying that the receiver appointed by the bank on behalf of Platinum Plans is a close associate of the owners, and the continued dissipation of the assets of Platinum Plans may be made possible through the collusion between the receiver and the owners, notwithstanding the requirements as ordered by the Makati court that all assets of Platinum Plans and the Salas family must be reported by the receiver to the bank so that the assets can be distributed to the victims.

According to my source, one proof of collusion may be the fact that a property owned by the Salas family on the top floor of the World Business Center Building was sold for P29 million, but none of the victimized plan holders received a centavo from this amount. So where did this P29 million go? The entire proceeds from the sale of this property is said to have gone straight to the Union Bank located at the Philippine Stock Exchange Building.

I have ordered the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to investigate the circumstances surrounding Platinum Plans, together with the identified receiver, a certain Attorney Cadamo, so that we will be able to get information on the activities of the owners of Platinum Plans, and in the process, we can somehow find a way to protect its victims.


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  1. Hi,
    I would like to know what would I do to file claim or complaints about Platinum Plans. This coming July is the maturity date of the pre-need plan from Platinum Plans.
    I don’t know know what to do, who to call or where to go….I’m working as DH in HK. Anyone has an answer??

    Comment by Cherry | April 8, 2009

  2. I pasted an article from Abs cbn news.

    Platinum Plans – another big time swindler like Legacy Plans


    By Eric de Claro, reader | 03/20/2009 3:34 PM

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    Seems like that the radar of Investigative Journalists/Reporters of ABS-CBN News, In the Service of The Filipino People, is not working that well.

    You are missing out one of the biggest crook and swindler in the Pre-Need Industry. Rotarian Ernesto L. Salas Sr. & his family (daughter Rhodora Salas and son Ernesto R. Salas Jr.) are the sole owners of Platinum Plans Philippines Inc.

    Immediately after CAP and Pacific Plans, they have closed shop well before Legacy Plans. The difference is that they have never been under public scrutiny. They are wiser than most of these companies.

    Salas had filed for a dubious Rehabilitation or Receivership with the a Makati court in an effort to create some form of legal defense to make them free and clear of their obligation to thousands of Filipino families amounting to millions of pesos.

    The company has no trust fund to begin with. But because of this, they use this as cover to be prosecuted and quietly sell their assets amounting to millions and be spared of prosecutiom and public condemnation.

    The 3 Salas family members were supposed to be arraigned in a Caloocan court for syndicated estafa. On the day of arraignment, a miracle happened – the prosecutor dismissed the case.

    Here you will uncover a web of deceipt, corruption, protectionism from government officials – SEC, Prosecutor’s Office, etc. The Salas family is well known to Senator Villar and Speaker Jose De Venecia.

    The Salas family’s lived and still are living a jet-jet life style but have victimed thousands of pre-need planholders. They presently live at Madison Suites in Dela Rosa Makati, Prince Plaza 2 in Legaspi village Makati, and Executive Townhomes in Valle Verde. Allegdely, they have sold their offices at World Center in Makati to the tune of almost P30 million through the receivership program. They drive in chauffer driven bullet proof Mercedes Benzes and BMW’s and with uniformed bodyguards. “Who are their protectors?!?”

    So, will thousands of planholders of Platinum Plans ever be paid for their matures plans by Platinum Plans, who have used over the years, advertising in Eat Bulaga via the Little Miss Philippines contest, to mislead the masses into believing that their dreams will come true.

    Please forward this message to Willard Cheng or Mariton Pacheco so these crooks can now be exposed.

    Eric de Claro
    as of 03/20/2009 3:35 PM

    Comment by Agnes | August 2, 2009

  3. From World Center,they transferred to Antel Global Tower and presently,they are in Philipine Stock Exchange West Wing Unit 1005,Mr. Salas has this new? company business Tierra de oro, Realty and Development. They will be processing payments to planholders starting 2010 (again a big question mark!)if they will be be able to sell one of their asset /property of 900million till 2014. Only Gross Contract Price will be given to each planholder.This is as per Court Order from Makati Regional Trial Court. You can reach them at tel 687-7612.
    for everyvoby’s info

    Comment by Agnes | September 17, 2009

  4. Hi! I’m a Platinum scholar for high school and college. My mom has been calling their company but nobody’s picking up. I am now graduating from college with no help from them. How can I contact them at least to know where things stand?

    Comment by sashalimuy | March 5, 2010

  5. THey are not answering at the current number at 6877612.Does anybody know where we could contact them?

    Comment by Teresa Tan | March 31, 2010

  6. I was able to get through to them today, April 15, 2010 at 5:25pm. I spoke with a Ms. Naty who said that their pay-out period is from 2010-2014 but they haven’t started any payments yet. We will receive a letter regarding the procedures for the pay-out. Of course that’s a REALLY BIG IF what they say will really happen! Anyway, their number is 687-7612 and their address according to Ms. Naty is 10F Tektite Towers, Ortigas Center.

    Comment by Concerned Mom | April 15, 2010

  7. i was a former employer of platinum plans but i only lasted a month in the company. But my brother got a plan from them and it alredy matured last 2006 but until now we havent recieved any centavo from them or any news on whats happening with our claims? I hope that we can hear from platinum plans because the money that my brother and other people invested in your company is hard earned money…

    Comment by dan | April 27, 2010

  8. I am an OFW and currently in the Philippines for a two week vacation and like the others, also a plan holder from Platinum. I went to SEC for some clarification and the information I got last April 28, 2010 was that a certain Atty. Elmer Cadano is the receiver of the Platinum Plans Rehabilitation Plan. Meanwhile, I went to the Platinum Plans office last April 29, 2010 (Unit 1005 West Tower, PSE Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas, Pasig City) but it seems nobody worked that day. I called up Atty. Cadano’s office today (Home Guarantee Corp., 335 Jade Bldg, Buendia, Makati City, Tel. 895-9017) to ask update on the rehabilitation plan but according to the secretary, he was out of office attending a meeting.

    I hope we could hear update either from Platinum or from the rehabilitation plan receiver so that we know the real situation.

    Thank you.

    Comment by ofw fr uae | May 5, 2010

  9. I am a plan holder also, since last year i keep on calling Platinum office but can’t contact them. I even sent an email to Mr. Salas but i have not received any response. A good person will never escape from his obligation and I hope we can count on you.

    Comment by Anie | May 6, 2010

  10. I’m really fed up with Platinum Plans, we all planholders should do something about it. Let’s form a group and make some noise in SEC or in television. We all worked hard for the money we payed for our plans just to give our kids a better future. But the Salas Family didn’t care. So they should pay out and rot in jail!

    Comment by Mei Roque | May 20, 2010

  11. I’m also a planholder of platinum plans. Yes, I agree with Mei. Let’s form a group and get our acts together.

    Comment by Arturo Dacuba | May 26, 2010

  12. You have done it again. Incredible read.

    Comment by Randy Reeder | May 28, 2010

  13. I’m also a planholder of platinum plans. Yes, I believe that we should really make our voices heard or nothing will happen to our hard earned money and we should not let the Salas family get away with it.

    Comment by Tess Aquino | June 7, 2010

  14. Im also following up on Platinum Plans. Please do include me in your updates. My cousins really need it badly as their plans should be availed this 2010 but it is really dismaying to be in a situation of waiting and waiting for nothing.

    Kindly keep me posted 09184444011 – Patrick

    Comment by Patrick Chua | June 12, 2010

  15. hi guys, any news on this? i read on another site that they would only start paying-out 2012 (;topic=15578.0)… could anyone confirm?

    Comment by ed t | June 19, 2010


    Comment by Jeremy Tamundong | July 4, 2010

  17. I am also a platinum plans member and my budget pension plan matured last May 2, 2010. Repeatedly calling their office numbers but nobody answered. I tried also to conatct Atty. Elmer Cadano but cannot be found.

    Comment by Noli M. Mendoza | July 15, 2010

  18. My daughter had been enrolled in college since last year but i never got a single centavo from platinum. Hey guys, it’s time to make our moves. Mei is right. Let form a group and makes some noise so that thet can hear us. The more we are the louder noise we can make.

    Let our voice be heard.

    Here my nos. 09081404979/09223794175.

    Comment by Romeo G. Segundo | July 20, 2010

  19. My pension plan is due next year, just want to ask if you have the certification that indeed you have fully paid your monthly amortization? For those who have secured their benefits, what are the reqts for claims? Is there any possibility that we can claim our pensions from this Platinum Plan?

    Comment by jetski | July 20, 2010

  20. Update: reply to me of platinum re: my inquiry on platinum plans. fyi.

    Platinum Plans
    From: Vic Lee Add to Contacts
    Cc: Insurance Commission

    Mr. Noli M. Mendoza

    Dear Mr. Mendoza:

    My name is Victory N. Lee and presently EVP at Platinum Plans. Regarding your query about the status of Platinum Plans, please be informed that the Company is still unable to pay claims of planholders at the present time. Platinum Plans’ filed a Petition for Rehabilitation with the Makati RTC on June 28, 2005. This was subsequently approved last April 27, 2006 and the Company is currently in the midst of negotiations to create the desired liquidity from the sale, or possible joint-venture arrangements for our mostly real estate assets. This is the initial undertaking for the rehabilitation of the Company as mandated by the court.

    The Company must complete its rehabilitation program over a period of eight (8) years from the date of the approval of the petition during which time the Company must settle its obligations to all its fully paid planholders under the direction and supervision of the Court thru the Court-appointed Receiver, Atty. Elmer NA Cadano. As soon as the Company can start paying claims, fully paid planholders will be informed of the date and manner by which the Company will pay its obligations as mandated by the court.

    You may communicate with us directly at your convenience. You may call us thru telephone numbers (02) 6877612 or (02) 7062409.

    Very truly yours,


    Executive Vice President

    Platinum Plans Phils., Inc.

    Comment by Noli M. Mendoza | August 4, 2010

  21. Mr. Mendoza, what is the e-mail ad of Mr. Lee..

    Comment by reynan llandelar | August 24, 2010

  22. Here is Mr. Lee’s Email add: Vic Lee

    Comment by Noli M. Mendoza | August 28, 2010

  23. Vic Lee

    Comment by Noli M. Mendoza | August 28, 2010

  24. Vic Lee (

    Comment by Noli M. Mendoza | August 28, 2010

  25. Sir Noli, we have received a letter from Platinum Plans almost identical to yours. It seems that Platinum is just giving us the runaround.

    If there’s anyone here who lives near the Makati RTC, it would be great if you could acquire and share a copy of the courts decision on Platinum’s rehabilitation program. We would have procure a copy ourselves but unfortunately we live in mindanao.

    if ever we get our hands on a copy of the decision, we have a lawyer-relative who’s willing to examine the document and recommend a suitable legal action.

    if anyone wants to discuss this matter further, kindly send me an email ( thanks

    Comment by nestor lapa | September 1, 2010

  26. Good day to all! Please count me in. I would like to get some updates regarding the status of PPI. This Ms. Naty has also given me a letter similar to yours last 2009. Also written is the date wherein I would be called up and receiving my payouts in the year 2013. According to them, claims is in a first come first serve basis, and the first batch would be paid starting 2010. However, as I have cornered my previous collector (Ms. Gloria B) in FB just last August, she cannot give me a concrete answer about this matter and to my dismay, Ms GB said that they havent started paying even the first claimant in the list. I’m already losing my temper and hope. I started paying my premium as early as my second salary of my first ever job after going out of the academe, now 7 yrs had passed and I have never enjoyed the supposed savings that I might already have, wherein all I just intended was to secure my parents since I am in far-away-my homeland-fieldwork. I hope things will be certain as immediately as possible. Thank you and pls keep me posted.

    Comment by peehjay | October 25, 2010

  27. hello just called up PPI today and i have spoken with their security guard according to him wala pa daw nakakapagclaim ng kanilang insurance.magsamasama na tayong pumunta sa medya kasi sABI nila nagyon 2010 magsimula na pagbabayad nila malapit na matapos ang taon pero wala pang nangyayari! walang puso ang mga salas na yan!they never care kung san nangaling ang mga bnayad natin just to pay for our insurances.DUGO AT PAWIS Namin pinagtatrabauhan just to pay for it pero ang mga walang puso at kaluluwang pamilya ng Salas nagpapakasarap sa mga perang pinagpaguran!Well Just hope and pray that we could get all our money back.

    Comment by imelda refuerzo | November 18, 2010

  28. I hope I could be of help in finding at least one or two of the protectors of Platinum Plans. I have two names in my mind How could I get in touch with trusted leaders of those victimized by this Company. It has money it can corrupt even your leaders so we need to look for a trusted leader.

    Comment by raul | November 20, 2010

  29. For God’s sake nmam. My daughter have been enrolled for college for 2 yrs now but i have’nt received even a single centavo from PPI. For how long shall we wait for them to pay us specially those who plans already matured. I wish and hope that they pay us sooner.

    Comment by romeo segundo | November 22, 2010

  30. PPI planholders are all victims ng mga taong dapat mabulok sa bilangguan. Wala silang pinagkaiba sa mga magnanakaw(mayamang magnanakaw nga lang dahil sa mga perang pinaghirapan natin!)
    Count me on this co’z I’m also a victim.
    Dito lang ako nakakakuha ng updates about PPI.

    Comment by maria | December 3, 2010

  31. ikinuha korin po ng educational plan ang anak ko sa inaakala kong makakatulong sa akin para sa pag aaral ng anak ko sa ngaun ay graduate na ng nursing hanggang ngaun miski kusing wala parin kaming natanggap kinuha ko ang educational plan noon pang 5yrs old ang anak ko ngaun sya ay 20yrs old na sana matulungan nyo kami makuha ang pera namain

    Comment by felix | December 8, 2010

  32. platinum plans din ang educational plans ng anak ko

    Comment by felix | December 8, 2010

  33. I am also a victim of PPI. I am planning on going to their office tomorrow and update you all. Whatever your plans are please count me in. You may also text me at 09178930209.

    Comment by thess magsino | January 9, 2011

  34. I am also a victim of PPI. I would also like to get updates. Please count me in. Dugo at pawis ang pinagtrabahuhan ng nanay ko para lng sa kinabukasan namin. I hope we can get certainty on when PPI will pay us.

    Comment by Zenny Paras | January 25, 2011

  35. **Wala kahit na sino ang makaka-collect pa kahit isang kusing sa Platinum Plans. Swindler itong may ari na si Salas Sr. Ang dapat lang mangyari ma ma ipakulong ng syndicated estafa. Repeat: Huwag na kayong umasa pa! 8 years na rehabilitation plan para manawa kayo at makalimutan niyo na ang lahat.**

    Comment by felix magsino | January 27, 2011

  36. You are all right, especially felix magsino
    dapat sama-sama tayo for a class suit against this walang kaluluwang familia. What they are doing is just buying time to dispose their properties and bye-bye go to any country where they can hide. So let us stand united like what PEP coalition did and immediately meet perhaps Justice Secretary de Lima and have a press conference with the media. My # is 09l74748157.

    Comment by Ramon Mangente | February 4, 2011

  37. We were searching the PPPI office in FB building in Makati yesterday to verify our School Master Plan maturing and availment every March 14, 2011 – 2014 and return of investment but could not locate the place. Just came to know today via this web the problem going on. Nakakalungkot po. Please count me in and any help is appreciated.Thanks.
    My # 09276172657

    Comment by Maria luisa albiola | February 8, 2011

  38. mga putragis talga kayo!! buti nalang nagamit ko yan educ plans na yan dati. kawawa yung mga nagcaclaim ngayon. mas maganda ata nag time deposit nalang sila ng 10yrs++ sa metrobank.

    Comment by randy | March 1, 2011

  39. Please count me in as well in your plan for a class suit, and meeting Justice Secretary De LIma with the press conference, hindi dapat bale walain ang ganitong klaseng pang aabuso sa mga magulang na gusto lamang ay magkaroon ng magandang kinabukasan ang ating bansa through our children in securing them to have good education sa pamamagitan ng mga edcational plans na akala natin makakatulong yun pala lalo lang makakabigat , and we should be supported by our government or people who have authority and good conviction on helping us.

    Comment by Mabel | March 17, 2011

  40. my mother died of cancer 6yrs ago. my brother found out just recently that my mom was able to pay in full a schoolmaster plan for our youngest brother who is now in high school and will soon be in college. it was a great relief for us that our youngest brother’s education will somehow be secured by this plan.. his plan will mature on the 6th of September 2011 and 4yrs thereafter. i just want to know the process,where to go and how to claim it come September,so i called the numbers on the policy, to my dismay it’s not available and all the numbers of their offices posted all over the Philippines. then i found this site and so this is the first time i learned that my little brother’s educational plan is doomed. it is so unfair and heartbreaking. i want to be part of this action. i am in Bicol so what can i do to participate in this legal action considering the distance? thank u.

    Comment by polin de leon | March 21, 2011

  41. Please count me in and keep me updated. I have 3 schoolmaster plan. The first one matured in 2008, the second in 2009 and the third will mature in 2013.

    Comment by Myra Caguioa | April 25, 2011

  42. may bago na naman address ang platinum hahanapin na naman, pano na tayong mga nagsisikap, ayun sila nagtamasa tayo nagpakahirap

    Comment by eduardo | May 16, 2011

  43. nasa may ortigas JR sila sa may pontefino agustin building, palipat lipat totoo na ata talaga balita na nabenta na yung sa tektite hosme, 2010 ang availment ng plan ng anak ko sa high school yun sa college plan problema na ang pre need pati ba naman to, sila na lan binuhay natin tayong ofw eto problemado, ano ba ginagawa ng gobyerno TULONG,

    Comment by eduardo | May 16, 2011

  44. ano ang bagong address and phone # ng platinum plans? paki update ako. than you.

    Comment by cha | May 19, 2011

  45. my school master plan was fully paid. schedule to avail this on june 2011. where ko ito makuha na office? im in negros occidental.

    Comment by perlita | May 22, 2011

  46. just keep on praying na lang mga pal.time will come and time will tell, dont rely too much on this politicians, and this government agency to help us.they dont fucking care its not thier money. collecting tax and asking for your votes is thier prime concern. the government is fucking weak and fucking corrupt.
    we’re own our own.

    Comment by arnulfo gascon | May 25, 2011

  47. Wala pa kayong makukuha hangga’t hindi nabebenta mga liquidity nila. The question is, wala tayong balita kung may naibenta nang properties nila. We should search for these para updated tayo at kalampagin sila. Mukhang kapag nabenta ata lahat saka lang makukuha. They say na hindi makukuha yung equal na naibigay mo sa plan pero OK na un. The question is, kelan kaya?

    Comment by Niocla | May 25, 2011

  48. another online group looking for justice :

    Comment by Noli Mendoza | June 6, 2011

  49. we have 2 yrs for high school that has not been paid and a 4yr college unpaid…am interested to join the coalition…my contact number..09178621700 my name is myrna tangan…

    Comment by myrna tangan | June 9, 2011

  50. I’m also a PPI schoolmaster plan holder.,.September 2010 nagmature ang plan ko., 2nd yr college na ang daughter.,pero hindi ko alam kung san ako magclaim..Ang dami ko nang phone number na tinawagan., pero sad to say., isa man lang don.,wala ng PPI., Kailan kaya magkakaroon ng linaw ito..? interested po akong mag join sa coalition.,

    Comment by Fennie Torres | July 12, 2011

  51. Yung gallery genesis store sa SM Edsa sila rin ang may ari.

    Comment by bartolome | July 26, 2011

  52. Ma. Rhodora “Rhoda” R. Salas
    Senior Assistant Governor, District Concerns
    RC Makati Dasmariñas
    Classification: Art Brokerage

    Ernesto “Ernie” L. Salas
    Training Director, Rotary Academy
    Chair, GSE Selection, The Rotary Foundation
    RC Makati North

    Comment by bartolome | July 26, 2011

  53. Kung hahanapin niyo ang pamilyang Salas, active sa Rotary Club Makati North ang mga hinayupak na yan.

    Comment by greg | July 26, 2011

  54. Gallery Genesis
    Address: W-1004 West Tower, PSE Center, Exchange Rd., Exchange Rd., Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
    Telephone No: (632) 633-8137
    Fax No: (632) 633-8138

    Gallery Genesis
    Address: 4F SM Megamall A, , , Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
    Telephone No: (632) 633-8137 to 38

    Comment by tommy | July 26, 2011

  55. Para sa mga Platinum plans try to contact this Ms Myra sa SEC TEL 7593305. For liquidation na kasi ang asset ng Platinum at ang assigned na Liquidator ay si Mr Mamerto A. Marcelo, Jr. Ang pagkakasabi ho sa akin ni Ms. Myra yung nakatapos ng pagbabayad ang hawak ni Mr Mamerto at mayron silang listahan kung sino lang try nyo na lang i contact sila. Para naman sa katulad kong case na nag terminate at di nabayaran ng kaukulang claims pinapupunta pa ako sa RTC Makati Branch 61 at hanapin ko raw si Judge Cedric Ruiz para masabi ko yung case ko kasi nga ibang case daw yung sa akin…sana makatulong sa inyo ito…

    Comment by nancy castillejos | August 22, 2011

  56. Just talked to Ms. Myra on the number specified above and received updates from her. Also confirmed that my policy is active in the listed names provided by platinum and she further relayed to expect settlement of claims through liquidator Mr. Marcelo before the year ends. As policy owners, we just need to ensure that our certificate of full payment is in placed and must be ready anytime after all the platinum assets were disposed.FYI.

    Comment by aliya margarette | September 2, 2011

  57. I never received a ltr from PPI re their request for rehab at MTC last June 28, 2005. If their intention is clean and honest, PLATINUM PLANS, INC should have broadcast their plans on how to pay us planholders and beneficiaries just like what Pacific Plans, Inc did. TODATE, I HAVEN’T RECEIVED ANY LETTER/NOTICE FROM PACIFIC PLANS, INC., and my plan is long overdue, SEPT 01, 2009. I HAVENT FILE A CLAIM YET. ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME WHERE TO FILE A CLAIM AND CONTACT NO PLS WHERE TO VERIFY, FOR FAVOR CONCERNED CLAIMANT/CITIZEN. PLS COUNT ME IN REGARDING THIS ISSUE. TY BETH GLORIA 0916-2329449 GOD BLESS

    Comment by Elizabeth N, Gloria | September 28, 2011

  58. ang sabi sa court decision sa platinum plans eh 5 years lng yung rehabilitation nila… cge pu2nta me ng makati rtc to get a copy of that decision.. ang bago nilang office eh sa phil. stock exchane sa ortigas dun sila ngaun nag oofice…

    Comment by Glenn Mark Enzho Buitre | October 5, 2011

  59. ako po si val patelo,,, MR SALAS…………………………………………………………………………………………………………and all member nang manggagancho,,platinum plan
    ,//////////uurin sana puwet nyo,,,,, ano ba naman kayo000000000,,,,,,,,

    Comment by val patelo | January 18, 2012

  60. Sometime last week of Oct 2011, I went to CAP Bldg, Amorsolo, Makati and found out that PPI is renting a room there in CAP represented by a certain MAYRA. Mayra secure from me a xerox copy of my Cert of Full Payment and a valid ID, then logged in my name in her registry book. She doesnt have any knowledge of the status. Accdg to her, the receiver will just write us a letter about the status, but todate, havent receive any. Am one of the concerned beneficiary. My Platinum Plan was paid over a period of 10 yrs, 10 yrs as maturity date (Sept 2009 (now its been 23 yrs)…For good order and heaven’s sake, please be considerate SALAS FAMILY, this is our hard earned-clean money….PLEASE PAY US IMMEDIATELY….I NEED THIS MONEY VERY BADLY FOR MY TREATMENT….ELIZABETH NICODEMUS-GLORIA….MOBILE #0916-2329449

    Comment by Elizabeth N. Gloria | January 28, 2012

  61. hi all just got back from platinum plans. since its under liquidation, its under Atty Mamerto Marcelo. just go to

    126 Amorsolo cor. Herrera Streets Legazpi Village, Makati City

    Look for Myra

    bring your photocopied POLICY, FULL PAYMENT CERTIFICATE and 1 valid ID

    the telephone number is 759 – 3305 / 0918-2515264 but the problem with this phone is that it is located outside as per stated by Myra, that is why sometimes it is not answered.

    The best is go there personally and bring the documents so that they can start sorting the plan holders name. thanks

    hope this info help.

    Comment by Bee | February 15, 2012

  62. I have fully paid my pension plan last 2003 but it’s maturity date is still on 2033. Can i still claim for that? How to filea claim when im based in Cebu?
    Appreciate all your help. Wala kasi akong natanggap na notification kahit ano sa platinum plans. Saka lumipat din kasi kami ng residence.

    Comment by Cathy | February 19, 2012

  63. hi cathy i am not sure with that. do you have relatives who lives in manila so that they can help you file it? it is better cguro tao talaga talking with myra, you or your relatives instead of just sending the documents to myra. as she stated, the telephone is outside of her office, but you can always try to call in case someone will answer it.

    me too, i havent receive any notification regarding platinum, through google lang nakita ko tong site. =)

    Comment by Bee | March 4, 2012

  64. PPPI planholders let’s touch base at 09187400224. Thanks.

    Comment by Jeng P. | April 17, 2012

  65. I have also a fully paid plan, is there any update if Platinum is already paying their plan holders who have fully paid/matured plans?

    Yolly M. of Pasig

    Comment by Yolly Mariano | April 19, 2012

  66. I have a fully paid plan and is about to mature, i want to use it for my son’s schooling, how can i do that now PPPI???…

    Comment by cathy | April 29, 2012

  67. Any news if Mr. mamerto have already started giving cheque to fully paid plan holders of Platinum Plans????

    Comment by Rodel A. | July 10, 2012

  68. What about if we ask help from the Aquino government, Sec. de Lima or Mar Roxas or N.B.I. . They should know that majority of us victims are from the poor and middle class families . We desperately need our hard earned money in this crucial times. Let us help one another and unite .

    Comment by Malou | November 20, 2012

  69. I’m a working Mom and I’m also a PPI victim. I tried to get updates as much as I can but usually I will just end up frustrated because I can’t get any concrete answers from people who is supposedly in-charge of the liquidation of Platinum’s assets.
    I called their number at CAP Amorsolo bldg. finally someone answered. A certain Ms. Gelly (Atty. Mamerto Marcelo’s secretary) she said Ms. Myra already resigned and she’s the new secretary now.
    Ms. Gelly bluntly informed me that until now no payouts has been made to any plan holders because still no interested buyer for whatever it is that Platinum is selling to be able to gather funds for us victims.
    I asked if they can gave us a date but she said no assurance as to how long it will take.
    No buyer no payout!!! That’s it??? What about those who have been waiting for ages just to get back their hard earned money we have to wait for how long? Most of the victims’ plans matured years ago but until now we’ve been waiting for nothing. People in charge can’t even give us a decent answer to our numerous questions. To anyone who can offer any other information about the status of Platinum Plans I will greatly appreciate that. Please let’s all work together to end this problem.
    My name is Rose and you can get in touch with me through this number 0909-7262143.
    Thanks & God bless us all!

    Comment by Rose V. | February 28, 2013

  70. To be safe never invest your money to other people business. Invest your money and manage your business, if you lost no one to be blame

    Comment by Rex P. Escobido | September 12, 2014

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